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Reservation Policy

You can bring in outside cakes for a $5 plating fee per cover.

Reservations can only be made through our website, please visit our website Please note that we do not take reservations in person nor over the phone. Every person and child, of all ages, in your party must be included in the reservation number. 

Walk-in guests are very much welcomed: We will make every effort to accommodate our walk-in guests as much as practicably possible. Please note that walk-in guests could experience little or no wait time to long wait and sometimes possibly no seating availability; at which time we will communicate it to you. 

Reservation Timing, Party-Size Change, and to-be-Seated Policy: While every effort is made to have your table ready precisely at your reservation time, unavoidable circumstances might be such that it is not available until many minutes later.

For parties that are late for their reservation and given the limited seating of the restaurant, we will hold your table for fifteen minutes from original reservation time, then after that will automatically void your reservation. Please understand this is solely due to the size and seating capacity of the restaurant. If you are late, we will effort to accommodate you and your party but no guarantee beyond the original fifteen minutes courtesy hold from your original reservation time, as we would like to extend the same courtesy to other waiting guests. 

Changing party size/needs (to higher or lower in number). Can only be done online but if requested on arrival, it could very highly likely cause your seating to be delayed even if the party size is revised downward; as our guests’ seating arrangements for other guests who are seated and or with reservations before yours, during, and after your reservation time have already been planned in advance accordingly. We are happy to have you, and will make our best effort to accommodate your revised party size/needs; however kindly know that your understanding is appreciated as we make our best effort to accommodate your change to your original reservation. 

Please arrive in complete and full parties to be seated at your table. 

Waiting and Waiting-area: While waiting to be seated, please enjoy our selection of Lebanese wine and beer at our bar. Also, please note that our waiting area is very small and limited in size and space and most of the time the waiting area can be occupied.

Sahtain (Bon appetit) (In good health)